B2B Services

Offer framework for business

Enterprise Processing & IT Consulting

▶ CRM - Customer Relationship Management
▶ ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
▶ Workflow
▶ Digital transformation of business
▶ Transfer of services into the Internet
▶ Advanced web platforms and portals
▶ Identification of ICT needs of companies

Business Intelligence

▶ Database and search engine for early-stage investments
▶ Tenders database and search engine
▶ Tenders analyzer
▶ National Appeal Chamber's sentences database
▶ Direct management of public procurements

Automatics & Networks

▶ Monitoring of ICT networks
▶ Monitoring and auto-diagnosis of BMS systems
▶ Smart metering
▶ Automatized measurement of energy and environmental effects (in RES projects)
▶ Wireless networks: building, maintenance and optimization

B2A Services

Offer framework for administration institutions

Digital Education Platform

▶ Comprehensive management system for lesson and course content
▶ Digital media management
▶ Newest communication technologies used to improve learning processes
▶ Tools designed for development of key competencies (ICT, foreign languages, STEM)
▶ Advanced digital school register, fulfilling highest standards of data safety and user experience


2. Date of announcement: 2017-01-04

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