B2B Services

Offer framework for business

Enterprise Processing & IT Consulting

▶ CRM - Customer Relationship Management
▶ ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
▶ Workflow
▶ Digital transformation of business
▶ Transfer of services into the Internet
▶ Advanced web platforms and portals
▶ Identification of ICT needs of companies

Business Intelligence

▶ Database and search engine for early-stage investments
▶ Tenders database and search engine
▶ Tenders analyzer
▶ National Appeal Chamber's sentences database
▶ Direct management of public procurements

Automatics & Networks

▶ Monitoring of ICT networks
▶ Monitoring and auto-diagnosis of BMS systems
▶ Smart metering
▶ Automatized measurement of energy and environmental effects (in RES projects)
▶ Wireless networks: building, maintenance and optimization

B2A Services

Offer framework for administration institutions

Digital Education Platform

▶ Comprehensive management system for lesson and course content
▶ Digital media management
▶ Newest communication technologies used to improve learning processes
▶ Tools designed for development of key competencies (ICT, foreign languages, STEM)
▶ Advanced digital school register, fulfilling highest standards of data safety and user experience


Who we are

  • Origin

    Origin: Info Solutions founded in 2008 as ICT consultancy firm. MNS Lab emerged in 2013 as independent entity from IT department. The original customer base consisted of numerous local communities implementing projects co-financed with European Funds.

  • Now

    Modern and fast developing software company based in Krakow, specializing in newest generation creative IT systems

  • Languages

    Ruby, C, C++, C#, Java, Go
    Python, PHP, Javascript, HTML
    HTML5, CSS, Less, SASS

  • Frameworks and libraries

    Rails, AngularJS, .Net, Bootstrap
    Ajax, Joomla, Rspec, jQuery, Sinatra

  • Databases

    SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
    Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Influx

  • Methodologies

    Test Driven Development
    Quality Control



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