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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy describes the procedures for processing personal data and the use of other technologies (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel) within the website The term ‘user’ shall, for the purposes of this document, mean any person visiting the website

  1. The user may provide their personal data via the forms available on our website.
  2. A user which consents to their personal data provided via the contact form being processed for the purpose of sending marketing communications will be informed by e-mail about news about our company and about services which we may perform for them. Not indicating consent for processing of personal data for the purpose of sending marketing communications will result in the data being processed only for the purpose of responding to the message sent by the user.
  3. The user’s personal data can be accessed only by those employees who are responsible for servicing potential and current customers. The employees are required to maintain confidentiality.
  4. Information collected on our website by Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics serves statistical (adapting the website to the expectations of users visiting it) and marketing (better targeting of ads) purposes.
  5. Mass e-mail communications are sent using Freshmail (FreshMail Sp. z o.o., Al. 29 Listopada 155 c, 31-406 Kraków), and contact data is stored in miniCRM (Ageno Maksymilian Śleziak i Krzysztof Kowalik S.C., ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 105/310, Bielsko-Biala, 43-300). Personal user data is also processed by the web hosting provider, B&S Sławomir Nowak (ul. Solna Góra 7a, 32-700 Bochnia).
  6. The user has the right to following operations on their personal data:
    1. verification,
    2. transfer,
    3. correction,
    4. demand to stop processing.
  7. Any information sent between the user’s web browser and the server is encrypted using an SSL certificate.
  8. Personal data will be stored by us for as long as it is required to process the case to which the message pertains, or until the point at which the user informs us of their will to have it deleted. The user may do so by sending a message to
  9. Our website uses cookies, i.e. small text files retained in the User's browser storage. 3 of them serve statistical purposes performed using Google Analytics, and one is responsible for remembering User preferences about displaying the information about our Privacy Policy. All web browsers have the option of disabling the storing of cookies.
  10. By using our website, the user accepts our privacy policy.