MNS Lab - projektujemy i programujemy dla biznesu

UX Design / prototyping

We provide meaningful and maximally intuitive interfaces. Creating information architectures is not a problem for us. We also can convert any business logic into a beautiful application, website or store. Do you want to find an investor for your project? Let’s create a functional model together. It will surely increase your chances.

Branding / graphic design

Our team is full of extremely creative people. Name an idea and we will give it an unforgettable visual identity. You can’t surprise us even with the most unusual projects. We always keep business targets on our minds. Do you dream about a logotype that will represent your brand proudly? Just tell us something about what you do and stay calm, we will take care of it. We guarantee visual coherence and the highest quality of execution.

WWW / web design

Outside-the-box web projects are our passion. We find common solutions boring, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t use them. We just prefer dedicated products. Our eye-pleasing websites can earn money for your company and create its identity.

Web development

Alright. We have to admit it. We are web technology freaks. Ruby, PHP, Python, Scala, Javascript, HTML, SASS - it’s just a sample of our technology stack. You can leave choosing the right one to us, but if you already have the project in progress, we will be happy to help you outsource the work.

Software development

Does your idea need technologies beyond our competences? Be cool. A huge net of business partners help us with mobile apps, blockchain and even VR. Thanks to this kind of collaboration our code reached Silicon Valley and our developers get better and better.

Online marketing

Getting your website ready is just the start of your journey. The internet gives you numerous new opportunities to promote your business. We offer you help with SEO, SEM, copywriting and content marketing.

Business support / e-commerce

You wouldn’t believe how many details can affect an online store’s sales. Luckily, it’s not a mystery for us. We can set up your e-commerce website or improve your current one. If your store works well enough, you can still improve your processes. What does it mean? We offer you automation tools that help you out with boring activities and save your time.

Business intelligence / SaaS

You should definitely check out our software-as-a-service products. We have MNS Przetargi offering you all of Polish public procurement in one place and MNS Eco providing control over energy efficiency. Maybe your company needs an industrial network? MNS Network is there for you!